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PDRs4All community telecons in support of JWST Cycle 2 proposals (Dec. 2022)

PDRS4ALL Community Telecons in support of JWST Cycle 2 proposals

The PDRs4All ERS team is inviting the astronomical community to three Zoom webinars that are intended to help prepare for JWST Cycle 2 proposals.

As part of ERS proposal 1288: “Radiative Feedback from Massive Stars as Traced by Multiband Imaging and Spectroscopic Mosaics” we have obtained NIRCam, NIRSpec and MIRI imaging of the Orion Bar, a bright, extended object that is a concern for saturation with a large number of strong emission lines and high-contrast regions. These community telecons are meant to provide an overview of the “lessons learned” about the data reduction, calibration and data analysis related to this program.

Specifically, these webinars will cover the following topics:

Thu, Dec 1, 8:00am PST / 11:00am EST / 17:00 CET:

Status of our ERS observations: Design, JWST instrument capabilities, and current status of our ERS program and data products. This includes data processing, remaining issues, cross calibrations and stitching.

(slides) (recording)

Tue, Dec 6, 8:00am PST / 11:00am EST / 17:00 CET:

Modeling tools: Using the power of PDR models to determine physical conditions.

(slides) (recording)

Participants interested in following along with the demonstration of the PDR Toolbox can install the Python package:

pip install pdrtpy -U

and download the PDR Toolbox example Jupyter notebooks:

git clone

The notebook for the Webbinar is pdrtpy-nb/notebooks/PDRToolboxDemo.ipynb. Questions about installing and running the PDR Toolbox be directed to

Fri, Dec 16, 8:00am PST / 11:00am EST / 17:00 CET:

Tools to quantify the spectral information: from JWST data to line/feature strength maps using PAHFIT, PAHTAT and the NASA Ames PAHdb.

(slides: PAHFIT pyPAHTAT PAHdb) (recording)

No registration is required to participate in these webinars. The zoom connection details are posted here shortly before each session.