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Science papers

Program overview

Press releases / Public outreach

Technical papers


Science papers

PDRs4All IX. Sulfur elemental abundance in the Orion Bar

Fuente et al. 2024, arXiv:2404.09235

PDRs4All VIII: Mid-IR emission line inventory of the Orion Bar

Van De Putte et al. 2024, arXiv:2404.03111

A far-ultraviolet–driven photoevaporation flow observed in a protoplanetary disk

Berné et al. 2024 Science, 383, 6686, p988, arXiv:2403.00160

OH as a probe of the warm water cycle in planet-forming disks

Zannese et al. 2024, Nature Astronomy, arXiv:2312.14056

PDRs4All VII. The 3.3 μm aromatic infrared band as a tracer of physical properties of the ISM in galaxies

Schroetter et al. 2024, A&A, 685, A78, arXiv:2402.16535

PDRs4All VI: Probing the Photochemical Evolution of PAHs in the Orion Bar Using Machine Learning Techniques

Pasquini et al. 2024, A&A, 685, A77, arXiv:2311.01163

PDRs4All. V. Modelling the dust evolution across the illuminated edge of the Orion Bar

Elyajouri et al. 2024, A&A, 685, A76, arXiv:2401.01221

PDRs4All IV. An embarrassment of riches: Aromatic infrared bands in the Orion Bar

Chown et al. 2024, A&A, 685, A75, arXiv:2308.16733

PDRs4All III: JWST’s NIR spectroscopic view of the Orion Bar

Peeters et al. 2024, A&A, 685, A74, arXiv:2310.08720

PDRs4All II: JWST’s NIR and MIR imaging view of the Orion Nebula

Habart et al. 2024, A&A, 685, A73, arXiv 2308.16732

Formation of the Methyl Cation by Photochemistry in a Protoplanetary Disk

Berné et al. 2023, Nature, 621, 56, arXiv 2401.03296

High angular resolution near-IR view of the Orion Bar revealed by Keck/NIRC2

Habart et al. 2023, A&A, 673, A149, arXiv 2206.08245

Program overview

PDRs4All: A JWST Early Release Science Program on radiative feedback from massive stars

Berné, Habart, Peeters et al. 2022, PASP 134, 1035, arXiv 2201.05112

JWST ERS Program ID1288

Peeters, Berné, Habart et al. 2018, AstroPAH Newsletter, Issue 49

Press releases / Public outreach

Radiation from massive stars shapes planetary systems”

CNRS Press Release (Feb 2024)

“Webb makes first detection of crucial carbon molecule” (ESA, NASA)

June 2023

First images! (French, English)

Sept 2022

“Massive stars’ blasts hitting Orions’ “sword” mapped in unprecedented detail using Hawai’i telescope”

Keck Press Release (Sept 2022)

“James Webb Space Telescope plans probe of massive star radiation”

Space News Release (March 2022)

“Webb to Study How Massive Stars’ Blasts of Radiation Influence Their Environments” 

Webb News Release (May 2021)

Technical papers

PDRs4all: NIRSpec simulation of integral field unit spectroscopy of the Orion Bar photodissociation region

Canin et al. 2022, arXiv 2201.01092

PDRs4all: Simulation and data reduction of JWST NIRCam imaging of an extended bright source, the Orion Bar

Canin et al. 2021, arXiv 2112.03106