Program overview

PDRs4All: A JWST Early Release Science Program on radiative feedback from massive stars

Berné, Habart, Peeters et al. 2022, PASP 134, 1035, arXiv 2201.05112

JWST ERS Program ID1288

Peeters, Berné, Habart et al. 2018, AstroPAH Newsletter, Issue 49

Technical papers

PDRs4all: NIRSpec simulation of integral field unit spectroscopy of the Orion Bar photodissociation region

Canin et al. 2022, arXiv 2201.01092

PDRs4all: Simulation and data reduction of JWST NIRCam imaging of an extended bright source, the Orion Bar

Canin et al. 2021, arXiv 2112.03106

Science papers

Meeting Presentations

Other publications